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  • Kimbriki statement in response to Northern Beaches Council Bin Roll-out

    Kimbriki notes a recent social media post alleging that bins recovered during the Northern Beaches Council Bin Rollout were being landfilled at Kimbriki. This is not the case.

    None of the bins collected by contractors engaged in the rollout are delivered to Kimbriki, these are collected separately, and taken directly to the bin recycler. 

    Kimbriki receives a small number of bins from time to time in the truckloads of vegetation and recyclables delivered to the site. These bins are inadvertently dropped into the collection trucks during regular kerbside collections, often during wet weather when they become slippery and fall out of the truck’s grab arm.

    As part of the decontamination process these bins are removed from the commodity streams and stockpiled as they are invariably damaged by the compaction process and rendered unfit for use. Kimbriki has an ongoing relationship with the same recycler used by Northern Beaches Council to remove and recycle these bins. The stockpile is located near the vegetation recycling receival area.

    The small pile of damaged bins stockpiled at our landfill area, as shown in the social media post, are the result of a one-off occurrence where the contractor sorting the waste has inadvertently sent them to landfill with all of the other contamination instead of separating them for collection. Our usual practice would be to recover the bins from landfill and return the damaged bins to the aggregation point for collection by the bin recycler. 

    CEO Peter Davis reaffirmed Kimbriki’s ongoing commitment to waste minimisation and resource recovery “Recycling is central to what Kimbriki does, over 80% of all incoming materials are recycled. We are constantly looking for ways to minimise waste to landfill and can assure the community that we are not engaged in the landfilling of recovered bins.”

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    DATE PUBLISHED:  Tuesday, 18 June 2019