2000 Tonnes of Engineered Timber Recycled

Since September 2022, Kimbriki has successfully recycled 2000 tonnes of Engineered Timber waste, thanks to our partnership with reDirect Recycling and the support of numerous trades, businesses, and the general public. This achievement highlights the collective commitment to both environmental stewardship and financial savings.

reDirect Recycling is a waste management company dedicated to collecting and transporting materials for treatment, with the goal of transforming old resources into new products for the market.

Our Engineered Timber initiative at Kimbriki offers a vital solution for diverting wood from landfills by recycling it into new particle board. This initiative not only promotes sustainability but also delivers significant cost savings on waste disposal fees for many trades and businesses.

Engineered Timber recycling encompasses a wide range of materials, including truss off-cuts, pallets, particleboard, glulam, LCL, plywood, raw, and melamine-coated particle board. For more information, please phone 9486 3512.