Adjustments to Mattress and Asbestos Pricing Effective from 1 November 2021

Kimbriki is making a couple of adjustments to pricing to better cover the cost of commercial waste processing and disposal whilst minimising the impacts on residents, both of these will be effective as of 1 November 2021:


To support the safe disposal of small amounts of asbestos identified locally Kimbriki is reducing the minimum charge from $76 for up to 100kg down to $45 for up to 60kg. Kimbriki also reminds customers that all loads of asbestos over 100kg must be logged in the NSW EPA Waste Locate system ( before coming to Kimbriki then logged out at Kimbriki using the WasteLocate QR2id Codes displayed at the asbestos disposal area and weighbridge C.


Mattresses are difficult and expensive to process and the volume of flock and foams generated present a real problem to contain and safely landfill. In order to cover these increasing costs Kimbriki has been forced to increase the price for bulk disposals from $600 to $900 per tonne but will continue to offer the current minimum charge of $36 for up to 60kg of mattresses to minimise the impact on residents disposing of their household mattress.