Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre now hosts not-for-profit charity ‘Bikes 4 Life’ to collect and restore unwanted bikes from landfill each year. Through monthly workshops with volunteers, the restored bikes are donated to disadvantaged communities in Thailand, Cambodia, Africa and Central Australia.

Since setting up at Kimbriki in November 2018, Bikes for Life has collected over 450 bikes plus frames and other parts. More than 400 bikes have been prepared for export, heading to Tanzania at the end of July.

Sara Roe, who kickstarted the state’s arm of the charity with her husband Chris in 2012, said, “the Kimbriki partnership is going really well. In our first Sunday workshop, we had 46 volunteers, which was double our previous site. Eighteen volunteers were new to Bikes 4 Life after hearing about the new partnership with Kimbriki in the local media.”

Kimbriki’s General Manager – Asset Management, Mark Winser said the partnership complemented workshops and educational programs held on-site, including the Eco House and Garden.

“Our site is all about recovering and recycling waste, and Bikes 4 Life fits in with our mantra — rethink, reduce, reuse and recycle,” he said.

“We also really love their ethos of supporting emerging and third-world countries.”

For more information on Bikes 4 Life and how to register for their workshops, visit