Bushlink – ‘The Spirit of Inclusion’

‘The Spirit of Inclusion’

Kimbriki warmly welcomed the hardworking Bushlink team earlier this year and once again during the spring season. They assisted with mulching duties around the administration building, and the entire team arrived with smiles and overflowing enthusiasm.

Bushlink is committed to providing meaningful employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities through a network of environmental project teams. Their motto, ‘The Spirit of Inclusion’ perfectly encapsulates the cooperative and positive spirit of both its members and staff. Bushlink is proudly operated by Northside Enterprise Incorporated, a reputable not-for-profit community organisation known for its unwavering support and services for people with disabilities since 1991.

Like many other local businesses, Bushlink faced challenges with reduced employment opportunities for their members during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially as they lost much of their school-based work. Currently, they are engaged in projects with the Northern Beaches Council in the local area at Dee Why Dunes and Lagoon, Long Reef Coastal Walk and the Q Station and operate from their headquarters in Brookvale.

Additionally, Bushlink collaborates with local schools, utilising their specialised environmental expertise to enhance specific areas within school grounds or external sites. This involves tasks such as weeding, pruning, clearing, mulching, and planting in bushland, kitchen gardens, or school gardens. They can also develop professional, ongoing ‘Site Action Plans’ if needed.

Bushlinks corporate volunteering days are a unique and fun way for leaders to motivate their teams by building awareness of abilities and develop positive attitudes towards inclusion through hands on environmental activities. Bushlink are keen to connect with local businesses and any groups who would like to meet the amazing Bushlink team – CORPORATE VOLUNTEERING EXPERIENCES 2023

Kimbriki partnered with Tumbleweed and generously donated a Worm Farm to Bushlink’s Silent Auction, along with some plants for their plant sale during a fundraising gala day at Forest Rugby. In total, they managed to raise nearly $5,000.

If your company aims to champion the cause of disability inclusion in its accomplishments, consider booking an event with Bushlink office@bushlink.org.au or call 9905 5804.