Professional Development Day: Waste & Sustainability in Schools. Friday 20th September 2024

Whether you have been engaged with sustainability at your school for some time or are just beginning to engage in the sustainability cross-curriculum priority, there will be plenty on offer for all to engage further and learn from each other. Come and join us on this unique day to make our schools more sustainable. Our […]

Professional Development Day: Waste & Sustainability in Schools

Save the date – Friday 20th September 2024. Teachers will be mentored by experienced waste educators. What will participants learn and what skills will be gained? one-day elective professional learning program that meets education standards and provides educators with the knowledge and practical skills  to integrate waste and sustainability into their programs in a curriculum […]

Maintaining Your Organic Vegie Garden

This Vegie Garden Maintenance workshop will deepen your knowledge and skills introduced in the Beginners Workshop. You will learn how to continue building your living soils & understand what soil is made of. The ongoing success of organic gardening & farming depends on beneficial microbes, which act as drivers for our entire soil and plant […]

Pruning & Propagation

Correct pruning is beneficial to your trees and shrubs to increase durability and strength; remove dead and diseased wood; improve cropping, regrowth and aesthetics as well as the general health of your trees and shrubs. New plants can be expensive and creating new ones from seed collected or prunings from friends can be a fun, […]

Starting a Beginner’s Vegie Garden

Learn the basic skills to grow some of your own organic herbs and vegetables. We will set up and plant a new garden together. Food grown using natural organic methods is healthier for you and your family and healthier for the living soil; and the environment. Everyone can do this. Come and learn with us! […]

Waterwise Wicking Garden Beds Workshop

An exciting workshop on building and managing a wicking bed – a self-watering garden.   What is a wicking bed? Wicking beds are a unique garden with a water tank at the base. They are designed so the water ‘wicks upwards’ into the soil, like a candle wick. These gardens are self-watering for times when […]

Compost worms

Composting & Worm Farms Workshop

Composting and worm farming are great alternatives to disposing of your food waste in the rubbish bin while creating natural fertiliser for your garden. By recycling food scraps in a compost bin or worm farm you can help reduce organic waste disposed in landfill, in turn reducing the production of leachate and greenhouse gases from […]