EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATORS WASTE & SUSTAINBILITY PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT DAY – FRIDAY 22nd MARCH 2024 “Bringing nature into the classroom can kindle a fascination and passion for the diversity of life on earth and can motivate a sense of responsibility to safeguard it.”– David Attenborough We were so delighted to be able to welcome 35 Early […]

Composting & Worms Workshop Recap

When embracing adventure, like a bushwalk, one may observe a lush forest, where decaying foliage nourishes the soil, fostering a vital ecosystem teeming with microscopic organisms and our dear friend the ‘red wigglers.’ This process, akin to farming, supports plant growth, a concept essential for enthusiastic vegetable gardeners.  On Saturday 9th March, Kimbriki Eco House […]

Northern Beaches Council 2024 Australia Day Awards

The Northern Beaches Council’s 2024 Australia Day Awards served as a tribute to the remarkable contributions of local residents, community groups, and events. These individuals and groups have devoted their time, skills, and energy to serve the community, embodying the true spirit of the Northern Beaches. In this year’s awards ceremony, 13 inspiring individuals, along […]

Early Childhood Educator’s Professional Development Day Workshop

SOLD OUT The day has been developed in line with the Early Years Learning Frameworks with particular focus on the new sustainability principle incorporated into the frameworks. Whether you have been engaged with sustainability at your centre for some time or are just beginning to engage in response to the revised frameworks, there will be […]

Meet Bonnie Lu – Site Engineer at Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre

Fresh from completing six years of study – four years in China for her bachelor’s degree, followed by an additional two years in Sydney at UNSW, Bonnie Lu earned her master’s degree in civil engineering and now serves as a valuable member of the Kimbriki team. Her role involves overseeing the planning, design, construction, maintenance, […]