Composting & Worms Workshop Recap

When embracing adventure, like a bushwalk, one may observe a lush forest, where decaying foliage nourishes the soil, fostering a vital ecosystem teeming with microscopic organisms and our dear friend the ‘red wigglers.’ This process, akin to farming, supports plant growth, a concept essential for enthusiastic vegetable gardeners. 

On Saturday 9th March, Kimbriki Eco House and Garden held the Composting and Worms Workshop. Attendees explored organic waste management and gained insights into diverting organics from landfill. We discussed the utilisation of compost and worm castings to enhance gardens and learned accessible composting and worm farming methods. It was a fun group with lots of enthusiasm shared!

Empowered by this knowledge, our attendees committed to adopting sustainable practices, feeling inspired to improve garden health. The workshop provided them with tools and motivation for meaningful contributions to waste reduction and sustainability efforts.

Jake Bennett