Important Information about COVID-19
for Kimbriki Customers and Visitors


The current situation with COVID-19 is having a significant impact on everyone both personally and in business. Kimbriki has implemented a number of measures which are aimed at protecting the health and safety of our customers and our staff from COVID-19.  We urge our customers to be aware of these changes and to ask that you exercise patience and understanding when visiting Kimbriki.

The Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre is open from 7am until 5pm daily.  However in consideration of the need to maintain essential services and the health and safety of customers and Kimbriki staff we ask that customers pay particular attention to social distancing and consider using a mask when close to other customers or staff on site. NSW Govt Public Health Orders are currently in force and restrictions under this order are regularly changing so please check the current version of the Order to ensure you comply with any requirements during your trip to Kimbriki.

Please refer to for the most up to date government information and orders. 

All customers should minimise contact with Kimbriki staff and other customers and keep a distance of at least 1.5 metres from all other people at Kimbriki.

Important changes to your visit and transactions with Kimbriki include:

  • Kimbriki is now CASHLESS.
    Kimbriki will NO LONGER ACCEPT CASH as payment at the Resource Recovery Centre. Avoiding the hand-to-hand exchange of cash minimises the risk of infection for both customers and staff. All transactions not on an existing account will need to be finalised with a card payment at the outbound weighbridge.  No new accounts can be established at the weighbridges, please call 9486 3512 to discuss establishing an account prior to coming to Kimbriki if you are unable to pay by card.
  • Coloured Waste Transaction Tickets will no longer be used on the site.
    We have simplified our systems to allow processing of customers transactions based on other forms of internal communication. Note this may cause delays from time to time and we ask for your patience in these situations.
  • The Concrete & Brick disposal pricing has temporarily changed to assist in transactions.
    A flat rate based on the price of Concrete (previously the green docket) will be used and this published gate price is $22 per tonne incl. GST. Oversize Concrete will be charged at the original gate price of $28 per tonne incl. GST. Asphalt will continue to be charged at $40 per tonne incl. GST.
  • Account Customers will not receive transaction dockets at the weighbridge.
    Invoices will continue to be emailed to the account holder at the end of every day as is currently done.
  • NSW EPA VENM Certificate.
    Customers disposing of VENM are still required to fill in the NSW EPA VENM Certificate but should obtain one from the NSW EPA and complete it prior to attending then present it to the outbound weighbridge
  • The Eco House and Garden is currently closed.
  • The Buy Back Centre is currently closed.




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