Kimbriki’s Eco House and Garden is a unique education centre dedicated to exploring how to live in a more sustainable way – a place for you to experience, learn and be inspired.

Set within the Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre, this education centre was built in 1999 and comprises an organic garden and Eco House constructed primarily from materials recovered from the Kimbriki site, otherwise destined for Kimbriki’s landfill.

Approximately 4,000 visitors come through the Eco House & Garden every year to attend an educational workshop, to participate in a community group visit or school excursion, or to wander through the garden at their own pace.

The Eco House & Garden is very popular for group visits and school excursions and we encourage you to book well in advance for these visits. 

To support local schools in the Shareholder areas of Northern Beaches Council and Mosman Council, school excursions are provided for free. Students participate in an ecology workshop designed to support primary, secondary school and tertiary curriculum outcomes and tour Kimbriki’s waste and recycling facilities. For schools and groups outside the Shareholder area, a small charge is applicable.

Eco Workshops. We offer a range of educational workshops at the Eco House & Garden where you can learn successful organic gardening techniques and how to implement sustainable living ideas into your everyday life. Workshops are hands-on and focus on topics including self-watering (wicking) garden beds, composting & worm farms, growing your own food, small scale edible gardens, and pruning and propagation.

Our workshop Educators and Ecologists have extensive experience in teaching and enabling adults and children to make their lives more sustainable..

Our online booking system is simple, select the workshop you wish to attend and follow the link to book, click here

The Eco Shop at the Eco House & Garden stocks a range of products to get you started with composting and worm farming as well as wicking beds. Products can be purchased at the Eco House by appointment or following workshops. Our Eco Shop page on this website outlines all the products we stock for sale. 

The Eco Nursery offers a selection of plants for sale – plants that have been grown in the Eco Garden.


Water Use at Kimbriki’s Eco House & Garden

We use rain water tanks to supply water to the Eco Garden and nursery.
Our drip irrigation and micro spray watering system is fitted with an automated weather adjustment rain sensor which shuts down the system when it has rained or is raining. Current Sydney water restrictions allow for the use of automatic watering systems, as long as a rain sensor is fitted to the water controller, for a maximum of 15 mins a day before 10 am and after 4 pm.
Hand watering is done before 10am or after 4pm.
The use of town water for dust suppression is exempt from level 2 water restrictions. At Kimbriki our water trucks use recycled water for the majority of our dust suppression on site. 


The Eco Garden  
The garden is open Monday – Sunday, 7.00am – 4.30pm (closed Christmas Day and Good Friday). It contains a wide range of native food plants, signage and interpretive information as well as waterless composting toilets you are welcome to wander through any time.