Kimbriki Site and Operations:

A Drones Eye View of Kimbriki

Onsite Partners:  Australian Native Landscapes

Onsite Partners: Morris & Civil Earthworks

Kimbriki’s Transfer Station for Mixed Waste to Landfill & Recyclables

Kimbriki General Site Info

Kimbriki Corporate Video

Onsite Partners: IQ Renew   

Kimbriki’s Onsite Leachate Treatment Plant

Kimbriki’s Buy Buy Back Centre                           

Kimbriki Site Info for Customers

Kimbriki Virtual Tour

Onsite Partners: Concrete Recyclers 

Kimbriki’s Onsite Gas Flare                                                             

Household Problem Waste Centre   

Eco House and Garden Educational Videos:

The Value Of School Gardens                      

What Is Soil?     

The Importance of the 4 R’s: Reduce, Renew, Reuse & Recycle

Kimbriki’s Vision for Zero Waste To Landfill!

Kimbriki’s Onsite Sustainable Building Materials

Kimbriki’s Onsite Focus on Reduce, Renew, Reuse & Recycle Principles

Kimbriki’s Little Warriors                                      

The Importance of Sorting Waste At The Source

Kimbriki’s Onsite Composting Toilet System

Permaculture Design & Living Principles

Kimbriki’s Onsite Permaculture Garden

We Are All Ecologists                                        

Eco House and Garden Composting, Worm Farming, Wicking Beds and More:

Setting Up Your Kimbriki Wicking Bed   

How To Harvest Tumeric                                 

Your Quick Guide to Composting

Introduction to Wicking Garden Beds  

The Importance of Soil With Graeme Sait

Worm Farming With Peter Rutherford and Costa

Your Quick Guide to Worm Farming