Environmental Compliance at Kimbriki

Kimbriki is licensed and monitored by the NSW Environmental Protection Authority (EPA), click here to go to go to Kimbriki’s ‘Environmental Compliance’ tab which has a link to our two Environmental Protection Licences issued by the NSW EPA. These licences contain a series of conditions that regulate the environmental footprint of the site.

Kimbriki is required to conduct detailed monthly monitoring of dust, surface, and ground water to demonstrate compliance. Monthly summaries of EPA monitoring data including explanatory notes, as well as a map of the monitoring points and frequency are available in this section of the website.

Vegetation Regeneration and Sediment Control

Disturbed areas of the site are targeted with vegetation regeneration programs and steep banks on the site are covered with coarse mulch and hand planted. Many of the roads have recently been sealed, drains improved, and open areas planted to reduce dust and control sediment on the site.

A series of drains and structures have been installed to capture sediment as water travels through the site and these all drain into a series of large settling ponds at the bottom of the site to allow for further treatment and testing to ensure compliance prior to the water being released off site.

A Drone’s Eye View of the Kimbriki Site