Kimbriki’s Recycling and Reuse Programs

Kimbriki was originally established as a landfill facility in 1974. Then in 1989-90, resource recovery operations for vegetation and scrap metal commenced on site and the Kimbriki Recycling and Waste Disposal Centre commenced.

This significant shift from waste disposal to resource recovery shaped the future of Kimbriki and today the site recycles over 80% of incoming wastes extending the remaining life of the Kimbriki landfill past the 2000’s and well into the 2040’s at the present rate. To date, more than 4 million tonnes of waste has been diverted from landfill at Kimbriki through resource recovery operations on site!


  • Australian Native Landscapes (ANL) operates the vegetation and wood waste recycling area at Kimbriki.
  • ANL receives between 75,000 and 90,000 tpa of vegetation and wood waste from Council collections, self-haul residents and commercial customers.


The Household Problem Waste Drop-off area allows customers to drop paint, car batteries, e-waste, clothing, motor oils and toys.  These materials, which cannot be disposed of in landfill, are taken off-site by our recycling partners for for recycling and/or or reuse.


  • IQ Renew operates the household recyclables area for council yellow and blue household bins, as well as public drop off.
  • All recyclable containers, cardboard & paper are transferred off-site to facilities where they are sorted and recycled.


Located at the Mixed Waste Drop-off area, the transfer station allows clients to drop-off a range of materials including car tyres, asbestos, insulation, household batteries, fluorescent tubes, light globes, bulbs and mobile phones.  You can also drop your metal item for recycling.


  • Concrete Recyclers operates the construction and demolition recycling area onsite at Kimbriki.
  • Concrete Recyclers receives between 80,000 and 150,000 tpa of waste concrete, asphalt, brick and roof tiles from local contractors and residents and recycles them into different aggregates onsite.


Kimbriki’s Buy Back Centre provides customers with an opportunity to buy items recovered from landfill for re-use. The Kimbriki staff salvage items from the mixed waste drop-off area and make them available for purchase at very fair, competitive prices in the Buy Back Centre.