Kimbriki are partnering with ReDirect Recycling to conduct an onsite engineered timber recycling trial 

Kimbriki currently receives large amounts of engineered timber waste at the Mixed Waste drop off which is currently being sent to landfill at the full mixed waste price. This trial will allow customers to source separate their load and drop clean loads of engineered timber at the designated Engineered Timber Drop-Off Point for collection and recycling into new particle boards. Customers who separate engineered timbers from their mixed waste, or who bring it in separated will only be charged $288 per tonne (this price subject to review during the trial).

What is accepted? Engineered Timber Materials
Where is the drop-off point?   The Engineered Timber Drop-Off point is in Zone 7 – Mixed Waste.
What is the price per tonne? $288 per tonne (subject to review during the trial)
Is there a minimum charge?   Minimum charge is $6 up to 20kg.

To access the Engineered Timber Pricing of $288 per tonne (minimum charge $6 up to 20kg) you must ensure that you are ONLY dropping off engineered timber. Loads are subject to inspection and may be charged as Mixed Waste if contaminated or not made up of eligible materials.

➢If you have a mixed load, sort your load before arriving at Kimbriki, enter the site and drop your mixed waste items at the Mixed Waste Drop-off then proceed to Weighbridge C to be weighed. Then, without leaving the site, just loop back around to the Engineered Timber Drop-off Point, drop-off your engineered timber and only pay the engineered timber rate of $288 per tonne (minimum charge $6 up to 20kg).

➢If you are only dropping engineered timber go straight to the Engineered Timber drop-off point to drop-off your items, and then proceed to Weighbridge C where you will be charged the engineered timber rate of $288 per tonne (minimum charge$6 up to 20kg).

Click here for more info and to view a list of what you can and cannot drop off at the Engineered Timber Drop-off for recycling.