Kimbriki Site Rules for Customers
1. Pedestrian access is not permitted
2. Adhere to road safety requirements:
• Speed limit of 20 km per hour
• No riding in utes, trailers or trucks
• Seatbelts must be worn at all times
• Only hands free use of mobile phones (CB radios are exempt)
3. All entry is via Weighbridges A & B, one vehicle at a time
4. All exit is via Weighbridges C & D, one vehicle at a time
5. Follow directions from Kimbriki staff
6. All materials/items must be unloaded by the customer – bring appropriate resources to unload
7. Cover and restrain your load
8. Do not overload your vehicle or trailer
9. Do not approach plant and machinery
10. No scavenging
11. Children must remain in vehicles except when at the Eco House & Garden and Buy Back Centre
12. Animals must remain in vehicles at all times
13. Wear covered footwear
14. No smoking
15. Abusive and unsafe behaviour will not be tolerated and may result in the exclusion from the site or assistance from the police
16. Please report any incidents to Kimbriki staff immediately

Kimbriki Site Hazards
Persons entering Kimbriki should be aware of the following potential site hazards:
1. Heavy vehicles, plant and machinery
2. Roads are slippery when wet and are kept damp for dust suppression
3. Wind can increase the risk of flying objects
4. Dust may cause irritation to the eyes and lungs
5. Sun glare can restrict your view of signage and road markings
6. Watch for trip hazards and uneven ground
7. Be aware of sharp objects and broken glass
8. Hazardous substances may be found around the site
9. Other customer vehicles who are unfamiliar with the site

Kimbriki Safety Recommendations
1. Take care for your safety and that of others
2. Slow down and alter your driving to match the conditions
3. Kimbriki recommends appropriate lifting methods when manual handling materials. Use 2-person lifts for heavy items and use a controlled lifting technique (bend your knees!)
4. Kimbriki recommends all loading and unloading is done whilst standing on the ground. If you do need to climb onto the back of your truck, ute or trailer, be aware of the risk of falling off