Maintaining Your Organic Vegie Garden

This Vegie Garden Maintenance workshop will deepen your knowledge and skills introduced in the Beginners Workshop. You will learn how to continue building your living soils & understand what soil is made of. The ongoing success of organic gardening & farming depends on beneficial microbes, which act as drivers for our entire soil and plant systems.

  • Learn how to ‘fine tune’ your garden
  • Using mulches, manures, dolomite, and rock dusts
  • Seasonal maintenance and harvesting

Venue:  Kimbriki Eco House & Garden

The Eco House & Garden Education Centre is located within the Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre, Kimbriki Road, Ingleside.
Access is by vehicle only – as there is no pedestrian access to Kimbriki, please arrange to arrive by vehicle. Enter via the Weighbridge and speak to the Operator before proceeding.

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