Beginner’s Organic Vegie Garden

Learn the basic skills to grow some of your own organic herbs and vegetables. We will set up and plant a new garden together. Food grown using natural organic methods is healthier for you and your family and healthier for the living soil; and the environment. Everyone can do this. Come and learn with us!

This beginners course will cover the following:

  • What is Ecology?
  • Overview of ALL our workshops
  • Intro to the Principles of Organic Gardening
  • Intro to ‘Bio-genics’ – the healing power of plants.
  • Choosing a site and building the new garden
  • Soil, planting, mulching, fertilising, pest control
  • How your garden can keep you & your family healthy
  • Tasting of edible flowers
  • The real difference between organic and non-organic food
  • Questions & answers

Kimbriki Eco House & Garden

The Eco House & Garden Education Centre is located within the Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre, Kimbriki Road, Ingleside.
Access is by vehicle only – as there is no pedestrian access to Kimbriki, please arrange to arrive by vehicle. Enter via the Weighbridge and speak to the Operator before proceeding.

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