Reverse Garbage

Reverse Garbage was established almost 50 years ago by a group of enterprising inner-west Sydney teachers motivated to reduce their community’s impact on the environment. They raised money to purchase a truck and started salvaging discarded industrial resources from local factories and reusing the materials in classrooms across the area. Today, the self-funded, not-for-profit organisation […]

Peninsula Toy Recyclers

Bringing Smiles to Children’s Faces The Peninsula Senior Citizens Toy Repairers was established in 1975, originally known as the Warringah Senior Citizens Toy Repairers. Its primary goals were to create a beneficial organisation within the community, provide an engaging activity for senior citizens, bring joy to underprivileged children, and contribute to toy recycling efforts, reducing […]

Kimbriki and Australian Native Landscapes supporting the Community

PHOTOS: above – Balgowlah Community Garden Kimbriki work closely with Australian Native Landscapes (ANL) to develop growing matter/soils and mulch from garden waste that is sent to the resource recovery centre. One of the products they produce is Forest Fines, a mulch that is ideal to mix with kitchen waste etc. to create good quality […]

Reducing Hazardous Materials in the Yellow Bins

It is important to avoid placing hazardous materials in the Yellow lidded bins to ensure environmental safety and reduce landfill waste. Help protect the environment by educating and spreading the word to your family and friends about avoiding potentially dangerous items in garbage and landfill. ACCEPTABLE ITEMS FOR RECYCLING IN YELLOW LIDDED BINS INCLUDE:   All […]

Professional Development Day: Waste & Sustainability in Schools

Save the date – Friday 20th September 2024. Teachers will be mentored by experienced waste educators. What will participants learn and what skills will be gained? one-day elective professional learning program that meets education standards and provides educators with the knowledge and practical skills  to integrate waste and sustainability into their programs in a curriculum […]