Prices from 1 July 2023

Please use the “what can I bring” search tool for additional pricing conditions per waste type

Prices include 10% GST and the EPA Section 88 Levy of $163.20 where applicable


Tonne rate

Minimum charge

Mixed Waste
Residents of Northern Beaches Council or Mosman Council


$36 – up to 100kg

Mixed Waste
Non-resident and Trade


$60 – up to 120kg

Engineered Timber


$6 – up to 20kg

VENM (clean fill)*  with NSW EPA Certificate


$75 – up to 350kg



$45 – up to 60kg



$50 each

Car Tyres*


$30 each

Refrigerators, Freezers & Air Conditioners (requiring degassing)*


$27.00 per unit

Recyclable Containers loads over 100kgs 



RECYCLING – free of charge


Tonne rate

Cardboard and Paper








Globes and Fluorescent Tubes*  


Household & Rechargeable Batteries and mobile phones*   


Lead Acid Batteries   




Motor Oil*  




Recyclable Containers – loads under 100kgs   


includes untreated/
unpainted raw timber

Tonne rate

Minimum charge

Vegetation – Non-residents & Trades


$37 – up to 140kg

Vegetation – Residents of Northern Beaches Council or Mosman Council*
Must show proof of residency.
Cars, station wagons, utes, family vans or trailers only. Trucks and trade vehicles are excluded. Oversized vegetation excluded.  Limit of one free load up to 300kg per day.

based on

Free – up to 300kg

Oversized Vegetation
Logs and stumps over 300mm diameter, palm trunks over 125mm diameter


$38.50 – up to 100kg


Tonne rate

Minimum charge

Concrete (size less than 500mm)


1 tonne

Oversize concrete


1 tonne

Concrete and brick


1 tonne



1 tonne

Roof tiles


1 tonne

* Some special conditions apply – see below for more details before you visit.

Payment Options
No cash payments
. Kimbriki accepts debit cards and credit cards (VISA, MasterCard & American Express).
Kimbriki offers a range of accounts to suit different customers. View the Accounts & Forms Page for more information.

Kimbriki is not licensed to receive:

•  Food •  Gas Cylinders •  Liquids   Hazardous Waste
•  Chemicals   Animal Waste   Nappies •  Car Bodies and Trailers

* Asbestos
Kimbriki accepts asbestos in securely double-wrapped parcels in heavy duty builders plastic at least 120UM thick – up to 20kg each and unloaded by hand.

If you have over 100 kilograms or 10 square metres of asbestos waste from your home to dispose of, and plan to transport it yourself, you must use the disposing of household asbestos form to report this movement of asbestos to the EPA within 24 hours after you have delivered the load. You do not need to report the movement before you have actually transported the asbestos waste.

Complete the Form, if you have over 100 kilograms or 10 square metres of asbestos waste to dispose of, and you are a licensed contractor or one is transporting it for you, the contractor must report the movement of asbestos to the EPA via the Integrated Waste Tracking Solution.

For more information or to confirm which reporting requirement fits your circumstances please see the following page from the NSW EPA website.

* VENM – Virgin Excavated Natural Material
Natural material such as clay, gravel, soil, sand and rock fines, which has been excavated from an area that is not contaminated.  VENM must not contain any other items such as grass, concrete, bricks, broken pipes, building material, sulfidic ores or any other foreign matter. All VENM loads delivered for disposal at Kimbriki must be accompanied by a signed NSW EPA VENM Certificate click here

* Household and rechargeable batteries, mobile phones
Up to 2 litre container of batteries. Maximum of 10 mobile phones separated from battery and charger and placed in relevant recycling bin.

* Fluorescent tubes, globes and bulbs
Must be fully intact and removed from packaging. Fluorescent tubes up to 4ft (1.2m) are accepted.

* Motor Oil
Maximum of 50 litres per transaction in a maximum container size of 10 litres. Please drop off your oil in its container.

* Paint
Must be sealed container no larger than 20L, maximum 200L per transaction. Water based and oil-based paints are accepted but no other surface treatments, adhesives or stabilisers. For a list of accepted products, please refer to Paintback’s website:

* Refrigerators, Freezers & Air Conditioning units
Must be de-gassed or the charge per unit applies, unless proof of de-gassing by a licensed technician who holds a current ARC Refrigerant Handling License is supplied.

* Resident Vegetation Drop off at Kimbriki
Residents of Northern Beaches or Mosman Councils

  1. Vehicles are limited to cars, station wagons, utes, family vans or trailers with up to 300kg and proof of residency.
  2. Trade vehicles are excluded. Arrangements can be put in place to register a trade vehicle (not trucks) for a resident’s own occasional use. Visit Kimbriki Administration Office for details (Mon-Fri).
  3. Residents are entitled to one vegetation drop-off on any given day.
  4. If your load is over 300kg you must pay for the portion you are over at the vegetation tonne rate.

All vehicles must ENTER and EXIT via the weighbridge. Failure to stop and pay at exit will start debt recovery action and prevent your re-entry to site.

CCTV and licence plate recognition
Kimbriki operates under CCTV and all vehicle licence plate numbers are recorded at the weighbridges.

Loading and unloading
All loads must be unloaded by the customer. Please bring appropriate resources to unload. Once waste has been dropped, charges will apply. Waste cannot be retrieved once it has been dropped.
Crane use on Kimbriki site is only permitted with prior arrangement.  Please contact 94863512.

Cover your load
You must legally secure and cover your load when transporting waste and materials.

Our business is committed to the health of our customers, staff, local community and the environment. Safety instructions and directions issued by Kimbriki staff and our contractors are for the protection of everybody and must be followed at all times. 

Site Safety Rules are available in full detail at:    Safety Information