Small Scale Edible Gardens Workshop

When we think of growing food, many people would imagine needing a large area of space. The reality is, more people are living in smaller spaces, and growing food or creating their own garden sanctuary is even more important today! Starting small is a great option, that’s why we deliver the Small Scale Edible Garden workshop at Kimbriki Eco House and Garden

Last Saturday, participants were enthusiastic as the facilitators passionately presented several components worth considering when growing on a small scale. Practical activities, demonstrations and conversations showed commonalities in participants’ gardens and experiences. Getting our hands in the soil brought out the joy we all share in gardening. Among the group, busy lives are the norm, so it was easy to agree that it’s a ‘no-brainer’ to grow food in wicking beds to save time and energy.

The participants found the workshop to be jam packed with knowledge and valued the expertise shared. It was a delight to see so many of the participants leave bright eyed and with some very clear approaches to getting started on their small gardens. Each person received a tray of microgreens kindly donated by Manly Microgreens Co. Additionally thanks to WaterUps, one of our sponsors, our lucky door 1st prize winner was able to take home their first single cell wicking bed. Other participants walked away with some fantastic items to get them planting quickly.

If you’ve got a big vision and are willing to start small, then please join us 2024 for the next Small Scale Edible Gardens workshop. It’s a great day to spend with friends and family of all ages and abilities.

Jake – Eco House & Garden Ecologist and Educator