Summer 2023/24 – Peninsula Toy Recyclers

In what has been an interesting and, at times, challenging 12 months, The Peninsula Toy Repair Group has entered another chapter in its long history of toy repair for distribution to children in Australia and overseas. The group has now joined The HUB at Kimbriki Resource Centre, an exciting partnership of like-minded groups interested in recycling, reuse, sustainability, and thereby saving tonnes of items from going to landfill. Bikes4Life, Reverse Garbage, and Boomerang Bags are our partners in the HUB, an initiative set up by Kimbriki with each group sharing Kimbriki’s passion for reducing waste going to landfill.

There has been a steady inflow of toys throughout the year, both at Kimbriki and Ingleside, perhaps due to increased public awareness of what we do with the toys.

We have been able to supply toys to Anglicare, Save the Children Fund, and Vinnies. The Adra op Shop has visited three times, taking a huge number of toys and other resources. There was a noticeable absence of toys going overseas since Covid until just recently.

Among other groups that we have supported with donations are:

  • Network Heaven – Anne Salvadore
  • Operation Christmas Child – Pat Watson
  • Sydney Street Mission to the Philippines
  • Reach Cambodia – Jenny Knight
  • Operation Food for Life – Dennis Perry

There has been a noticeable increase in people helping Afghan refugees settle in Australia. Over 70 different organisations or individuals have been selected for specific toys for this community.

Mike Pawleys students took lots of Lego to children in Cambodia. Samaritans Purse, a well-known charity that distributes millions of shoe boxes to children around the world, has sourced toys from us. Anne Orchid, a support worker at St Lucy’s, has been a regular visitor and has taken quantities of toys for children living with Autism.

Allied Health Professionals required specialised toys. Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Sandpit play Therapists, Occupational Health, Cerebral Palsy Alliance, Speech Therapists, to name a few—all working for the benefit of children’s well-being treating stress, trauma, anxiety, and behavioral problems.

We have also fulfilled our other obligations in providing an atmosphere where members of the community can come and socialise, make new friends, enjoy each other’s company, and, most importantly, understand what they do to help humanity and the environment.

Thousands of children have benefited in some small way from the toys that the group has supplied, children in need, children with special needs, children suffering the effects of family and domestic violence, trauma, and mental health issues, children living in poverty in Australia and many parts of the world.

We are looking forward to operating from our new home and working with our new partners at The HUB.

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