Summer 2023/24 – Boomerang Bags

This is our first year in our new home within The Hub, and the move has been transformative for our group.

We’ve been collaborating with our lovely neighbors, Peninsula Senior Toy Repairers, making doll clothes and doll bedding, which is such rewarding work and is a great use of our smaller pieces of textiles.

Another project we embarked on was making about 60 elasticated fabric bags for the Crochet Club students at Mona Vale Public School. This enables them to keep wool, scissors, and hooks together, giving the children ownership and pride in their materials and projects. We were presented with a fabulous Gold Merit Award of appreciation from the school for our help, which is proudly displayed in our workshop.

We were approached to make and supply LCSA delegates with Boomerang Bags for their conference in August, which were very well received. It’s pleasing to find large organisations giving real consideration to the bags for these events and supporting small groups like us with their order, rather than buying generic printed bags overseas. Reusing waste textile, zero emissions and air miles, and giving a much-needed financial injection into our machine maintenance kitty.

Teachers’ Waste & Sustainability Professional Development Day was held at the Kimbriki Eco House in September. Our very talented Tanya handmade bespoke rubber stamps to decorate bags for the event. This is a great skill and a superb way to create unique bags for corporate and group events, and of course; these were delightfully received and treasured by the recipients.

We have met several times this year with the fabulous Sustainability Leaders and volunteer coordinator at Wheeler Heights Public School to discuss environmental issues, including waste reduction and recycling. In June, we donated some ocean-themed bags to the school for their Ocean Day event. This, along with other public schools in our area, is very fortunate to have dedicated and environmentally conscious volunteers, and we will continue to support their efforts in any way we can.

Northern Beaches Council continues to pass their waste textiles on to local Boomerang Bags groups, and we continue to assist them in diverting them from landfill and converting them into reusable shopping and produce bags for the local community.

Our monthly sewing bees have been very well attended, and through them, we have made lots of new friends. Our workshop is a friendly, inclusive space where thoughts, experiences, emotions, and creativity flow freely!

Boomerang Bags Kimbriki – Next Working Bee Dates 2024:

Saturday 13th January
Saturday 27th January
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