Supporting Schools & Community Composts Workshop

Be part of the (waste) solution! Would you like to learn more about community initiatives to deal with organic waste like waste sharing? Perhaps you can’t have your own compost but can spare a little time to help at a community garden compost drop off or school community compost collection point. Schools and Community Gardens need help managing their organic waste. Come along and learn more about how you can help on a Supporting Schools and Community Compost Workshop.

This 3-hour workshop is perfect for those wanting to learn about worm farming or composting, or for anyone who needs a refresher. Grab a friend and sign up! Bookings of 3 or more adult tickets together are discounted.

What will participants learn and what skills will be gained?

  • An understanding of ecological and permaculture principles.
  • An understanding of the ADAM principles and their application to composting and worm farming.
  • How to set up a compost system, how to operate it, how to use finished compost.
  • How to set up a worm farm, operate it, change it over and use worm castings.
  • ShareWaste and the role of community gardens and school community compost drop off points.

While Kimbriki does not receive food waste, the team at the Eco House & Garden are passionate about educating our community on how they can remove organic food waste from the waste stream through composting and worm farms.

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