The Cerebral Palsy Alliance ‘Project Green’ 

It’s wonderful to hear about the collaboration between Willy Lang (a disability support person), his clients from the Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPA), and the Eco House & Garden team to create a more accessible and vibrant garden space for CPA’s ‘Project Green’ in Allambie Heights.

Willy initiated the project by bringing clients to the Eco House & Garden’s Compost & Worm Workshop earlier in 2023. This collaboration sparked interest and ideas from staff and members to rejuvenate their garden space at the Allambie Heights centre. The primary goals were to make the garden more wheelchair accessible and to create a more usable outdoor area for everyone to enjoy.

Kimbriki and Australian Native Landscapes (ANL) generously donated Forest Fines mulch and premium potting mix to support the garden project. The project involved creating a new garden area under existing shade cloth, which was considered a more practical location. They were also exploring the use of road base for paths and working areas. The donated potting mix allowed CPA to repot existing plants and introduce new ones while waiting for the raised garden beds to be constructed. To achieve this, the team found raised metal garden beds at wheelchair height and made plans to widen paths. Eco House and Garden’s Ecological and Education Manager, Rachel, sourced the raised garden beds from a man named Edward who had offered them to the Curl Curl Community. They were immediately aligned with Willy’s project and were placed near the kitchen area with the intention of turning it into a productive outdoor kitchen space.

This collaborative effort not only promotes gardening and eco-friendly practices but also enhances the quality of life for individuals with Cerebral Palsy by creating an accessible and enjoyable outdoor space. It’s a heartwarming example of community support and inclusion. This initiative is having a positive impact on the CPA community in many ways.