The team at Kimbriki’s Eco House and Garden just LOVE Wicking Beds!

With the hotter months fast approaching, now is the perfect time to start preparing your garden for the summer heat!

One of the biggest challenges that you face in Australia is keeping your plants adequately watered, so they thrive whilst being water wise at the same time.

At Kimbriki’s EcoHouse and Garden Pete and the team LOVE  Wicking Beds.  Not only are they waterwise but what’s more, in the heat of summer if you’re not able to water when necessary, the wicking beds do the hard work for you ensuring that the plants are able to access water when they need it.

Want to learn more? 

Click on the video below to watch Kimbriki’s Senior Ecologist Peter Rutherford explain how to set up your own wicking bed.


So, what is a wicking bed?

A wicking bed is simply a garden with a water tank at the bottom. It means that the water wicks upwards into the soil a bit like a candle wick.



Plants love them because the water goes straight to their roots as needed. And there’s no water loss through evaporation which is usual with regular watering. This reduces your water use by more than half compared to a conventional garden bed.

Or, if you really want to get serious visit the Eco House and Garden where you can see a range of wicking beds that have been developed using various reclaimed and recycled materials.




Or maybe even buy one of the EcoHouse and Garden’s wicking beds that were constructed from reclaimed roofing metal sourced from Avalon Public School. I think you will agree that Pete and the team did a great job!



Get creative today and try your hand at creating a wicking bed in your own garden.