Waterwise Wicking Bed Workshop

Saturday 10th February 2024

Getting your plants the water they need to establish and live a long life in your garden or pots does not have to be as challenging as relying on the rain or watering by hand. Reducing stress and increasing the chances of your plants thriving, while giving you more time for other tasks, is why we offer the Waterwise Wicking Bed Gardens Workshop at Kimbriki Eco House and Garden.

What made the day particularly exciting for everyone was the wide range of options available to accommodate different garden designs, sizes, accessibility, and maintenance needs. Some participants were eager to purchase top-notch products, while others were thrilled to see and work with reused items converted into productive wicking beds.

If you would like to start a garden that saves you time and energy, regardless of your budget, please join us for our upcoming Waterwise Wicking Bed Gardens Workshop, scheduled for later this year. Don’t forget to check out our other upcoming workshops so you don’t miss out! COMING ECO HOUSE & GARDEN WORKSHOPS