In line with NSW Government Covid-19 restrictions, we may be required to cancel an excursion or workshop, or reduce the maximum group size of an excursion at any time. Kimbriki will comply with restrictions in place at the time of the event, not the time  the booking was placed.

Group Excursions

Kimbriki Eco House & Garden welcomes visits by local community groups, gardening clubs, social clubs and other groups.

Typically, the excursion incorporates a close look at the Eco House & Garden and covers the following topics:

  • What is Ecology?
  • How you can make a difference and live more sustainably.
  • An introduction to the basics of organic gardening.
  • An introduction to ‘biogenics’ – the healing power of plants.
  • How your garden can keep you and your family healthy.
  • The tasting of edible flowers and herbal tea.
  • The real difference between organic and non-organic food.
  • An overview of all Kimbriki’s Eco House & Garden workshops offered.
  • Your group visit may include a site tour (using your bus), or a virtual tour for smaller groups arriving by car.

Bookings are essential. A minimum of 15 attendees are required to book an excursion which starts at 10am and runs for 2.5 hours (including a tea break).


Groups based within the Northern Beaches Council and Mosman Council areas Groups in other areas (not Kimbriki’s Shareholder Council areas)
Minimum charge is $150 (incl.gst) with additional people (over the minimum of 15 people) charged at $10 per person.

A maximum of 30 people per group booking.

Minimum charge is $300 (incl. gst) with additional people (over the minimum 15 people) charged at $20 per person.

A maximum of 30 people per group booking.

Transport to and from Kimbriki, as well as transport on-site, must be arranged by your group.

As there is no pedestrian access to Kimbriki or the Eco House & Garden, please ensure your visitors/attendees make arrangements to arrive by vehicle.

Car pooling is recommended for private vehicles as limited parking is available at the Eco House.

To make an enquiry, please fill out this form.   Please allow up to 5 business days for a Kimbriki staff member to evaluate your request and make contact with you.

A risk assessment is required to be completed by your group prior to your visit. Click here to review the Risk Assessment.

A list of attendee names is required to be sent to Kimbriki at least 3 days prior to your excursion.

Once you have completed your visit, we will send you an email inviting you to complete a short survey which helps us determine if your expectations were met.

Process for booking a group excursion

  1. Fill in Enquiry form and nominate 3 preferred dates
  2. Booking confirmed by Kimbriki
  3. Kimbriki Risk Assessment Form signed and emailed back to Kimbriki (
  4. If group is booking a bus for the visit, send the Kimbriki Bus Driver Instructions to  your bus company.
  5. List of attendee names sent to Kimbriki 3 days prior to excursion. Names of excursion participants are required for WHS reasons. Kimbriki will provide a template compatible with our Visitor Management System.
  6. Feedback survey completed after excursion