Eco House & Garden 2023 Workshops

Kimbriki’s Eco House & Garden offers a range of face to face workshops for adults. Learn successful organic gardening techniques and how to implement sustainable living ideas into your everyday life. Our workshop ecologist educators, have extensive experience in teaching and enabling adults and children to make their lives more sustainable.

Workshop locations vary per workshop. The location will be shown on each workshop’s booking page. Links to each booking page are in the workshop information below.  Workshop prices and location can also be found in the Printable Workshop Timetable.

Printable Workshop Timetable

Occasionally we are unable to reach our minimum numbers for hosting a workshop and we will need to cancel. If this happens we would make the decision approximately five business days prior to the workshop. When a workshop is cancelled we can either move your booking to an alternative workshop date or offer a refund.  Kimbriki will also comply with any health orders or restrictions in place at the time of the event and therefore we may be required to cancel or reduce the maximum group size of a workshop. 

Composting and Worms          

Did you realise that when food scraps are sent to landfill, they decompose and produce methane, a greenhouse gas with more than 20 times the global warming capacity of carbon dioxide? Food scraps in landfill also produce an organic leachate which is polluting to groundwater.

While Kimbriki does not receive food waste, the team at the Eco House & Garden are passionate about educating our community on how they can remove organic food waste from the waste stream through composting and worm farms.

Join our ecologists at one of our upcoming Composting and Worms workshop to learn how composting and worms farms can turn household food scraps into a rich and nutrient packed by-product that you can use to improve the health of your garden through improving the nutrient, water capacity and carbon levels in the soil.

This 3-hour workshop is perfect for those wanting to learn about worm farming or composting, or for anyone  who needs a refresher or has a redundant compost or worm farm that they would like to set up again.

It follows a practical and informative format that caters for all ages and levels of knowledge.  Families are welcome to join in this workshop, so register today and join in the fun.

What will participants learn and what skills will be gained?

  • An understanding of ecological and permaculture principles.
  • An understanding of the ADAM principles and their application to composting and worm farming.
  • How to set up a compost system, how to operate it, how to use finished compost.
  • How to set up a worm farm, operate it, change it over and use worm castings.

Bookings are essential. Click here for workshop dates, location, prices, and to book.

* Residents of the Northern Beaches Council area who attend a Kimbriki Composting and Worms Workshop may be eligible for a Council-issued $90 voucher to use in purchasing worm farm or composting related products.

Composting With Kids

Kids love composting and worm farming, so bring the family up to Kimbriki’s Eco House and Garden. Parents will stay and enjoy a cup of Kimbriki herbal tea and chill in the garden setting while the kids learn how to take their food scraps and make soil. Through fun engaging activities and craft kids will learn all about the benefits of composting with worms and keeping our food waste out of the red bin.

Our Composting With Kids workshop covers the following topics:

  • Why it’s fun to have a worm farm.
  • How to take care and maintain your compost habitat.
  • Meet the famous compost worms that make soil out of our leftover food scraps.
  • Be a macro invertebrate detective and discover our good garden bugs and compost critters.
  • Make a clay habitat and garden creature to take home.
  • Design your own Compost Recipe sign for your home kitchen.

Optional: bring your vegetable and fruit food scraps eg banana skins and apple cores to feed the Eco Garden worms. Wear closed in shoes, hat and sunscreen.

Note: Parents need to stay at the Eco Garden whilst the workshop is on.

Bookings are essential. Click here for workshop dates, location, prices, and to book.

Grow Your Own Food

Have you ever thought about growing your own organic vegies and would like someone to show you how to start?  Or just want to learn more about why you would benefit from creating your own organic vegie garden at home?

Join Kimbriki’s Ecologists for this informative eco workshop where you receive an introduction into the principles of ecology and permaculture, starting from the importance of soil on the human microbiome and working all the way up to how our bodies and the environment benefits from plants that are grown organically.

The workshop will also cover the sharing of sustainable and ecological practices in soil nourishment, fertility, and pest control.

What will participants learn and what skills will be gained?

  • How to choose a site and build a new garden.
  • Soil, planting, mulching, fertilising, pest control.
  • How your garden can keep you & your family healthy.
  • Identification and tasting of edible flowers.
  • The real difference between organic and non-organic food.

Bookings are essential. Click here for workshop dates, location, prices, and to book. 

Small Scale Edible Gardens

Have you ever wanted to grow your own food but feel you can’t as you don’t have the garden space to do it? Then this practical and informative workshop is just for you.

Small Space Edible Gardening can be fun, productive, benefit your mental health, physical health and reduce reliance on packaging. If you have a balcony, courtyard or small urban block, there are many creative ways which you can use to maximise your space and grow healthy edible food. With some clever observation of your own small garden space, and using the SPACEMAX tips and tricks, you will amaze yourself at what beautiful organic food can be home grown.

Join our ecologists at our upcoming Small Scale Edible Gardening Workshop – perfect for those wanting to learn about growing food in small spaces that caters for all levels of knowledge.

What will participants learn and what skills will be gained?

Shade Mapping your small space
Pots – the good, the bad and the ugly
Aerial gardening- growing food in hanging baskets and wall gardens
Corners – making use of microclimates
Edible plants- what are the best ones to grow?
Microgreens – how to grow them and their benefits to your health
Aquaponics Vs Hydroponics – what’s the difference?
X-Factor- tips and tricks for making your plants sing

Bookings are essential. Click here for workshop dates, location, prices, and to book. 

Pruning & Propagation                    

If you are a gardener looking to build new skills, or perhaps you are just starting out but want to get it right from the start please join us for our upcoming Pruning & Propagation eco workshop and learn how to help your plants thrive and multiply!

Correct pruning is beneficial to your trees and shrubs and increases durability and strength, as well as maximising the health of the plants in your garden. It also provides an opportunity to retain heritage seed and plants in our ecosystems.

As all green thumbs would be aware, new plants can be expensive!  Propagation allows you to create new plants from seeds or prunings and is a fun and low-cost way to get more plants in your life.

Participants in the eco workshop will receive a variety of prunings to take home and continue propagating in their lovely Kimbriki Compost pots.

What will participants learn and what skills will be gained?

  • Learn correct pruning techniques for a variety of situations.
  • Understand the theory behind a variety of propagation techniques including cuttings, layering and division.
  • Use this practical workshop to create more new plants in your garden or to share/swap with others.
  • Taking your garden a ‘step further’ to increase abundance.

Bookings are essential. Click here for workshop dates, location, prices, and to book. 

Waterwise Wicking Bed Gardens

Did you know that overwatering your plants can create as many problems as underwatering them?  So how do you work out how much water the plant needs and when?  At Kimbriki, our team of Ecologists love self-watering or wicking garden beds as they are designed so the water ‘wicks upwards’ into the soil, like a candle wick, using 60-80% less water than conventional garden beds, meaning that the plants can access the right amount of water when they need it.

Self-watering garden beds also provide a defined garden bed area, which allows for easier weeding and allows plants to flourish as they suffer less stress from under or over watering and a more consistent environment. The good news is more and more people are implementing these type of garden beds in the home, school and community gardens and reaping the benefits, while saving on water.  Why not join in an upcoming Self-watering (Wicking) Garden Beds Eco Workshop and learn how to incorporate self-watering garden beds into your garden.

What will participants learn and what skills will be gained?

  • The principles of wicking bed garden design.
  • How to set up a commercially bought wicking bed garden.
  • How to make your own wicking bed garden with reuse materials.
  • Learn how to maintain and refresh your wicking bed garden after harvesting.

Bookings are essential. Click here for workshop dates, location, prices, and to book. 

The Art of Building Soil

Are you wanting to expand your composting skills? Have you already attended our Compost & Worm workshop and want to learn more? Join Kimbriki’s Ecologists in this hands-on and interactive workshop at the community composting area of The Beach School Allambie. It’s all about the wonderful soil we build!

What will participants learn and what skills will be gained?

  • advanced coaching in composting methods.
  • learn the basics of hot composting and how to maintain a hot compost pile.
  • learn how to optimise microbial activity in your compost pile.
  • the science behind composting.
  • troubleshooting for faster soil production.

Bookings are essential. Click here for workshop dates, location, prices, and to book. 


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