Bringing Asbestos to Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre

Kimbriki accepts BONDED ASBESTOS material only.  Special Conditions apply.
  • All loads of Asbestos must be double-bagged or double-wrapped in 200um heavy duty builders plastic, securely sealed with duct tape.
  • Asbestos parcels must not exceed 20kgs.
  • Hand-unload ONLY.
  • Minimum charges apply. See Kimbriki Prices

If the Asbestos tipping conditions are not met, the load will be rejected.

Friable asbestos products and contaminated soil are NOT accepted.

For more information about Asbestos Safety, click here



Asbestos-Containing Materials (ACM), brought to Kimbriki for disposal in landfill must meet the following conditions:
  • Material must be double-bagged or double-wrapped and sealed in heavy duty builders plastic – package limit 20kg
  • Individual packages must be 20kg maximum – enabling you to lift each package from your vehicle and place it in the designated asbestos disposal area. No pushing is allowed.
  • All Asbestos material must be unloaded by hand, no assistance by mechanical equipment or tipping is permitted. Customers must unload their own waste.
  • No friable Asbestos products are accepted. This includes fire doors.
  • Minimum charges apply see fees and charges for more information.
Please be aware that all vehicles transporting asbestos loads must use the weighbridge.
EPA WasteLocate
The EPA – Environment Protection Authority requires waste transporters to report the movement of more than 100kg of asbestos waste or more than 10 square metres of asbestos sheeting within NSW. An easy online tool has been developed called WasteLocate. This can be loaded onto smartphones, tablets and computers – see or by scanning their QR2id code at our asbestos drop-off.
WasteLocate phone 1800  420 380